Four Hoes One Reality Show

November 3, 2010 By:
Four Hoes One Reality Show

If you thought Teen Mom and Jersey Shore were bad, wait until you hear about this one!

The women responsible for Tiger Woods' divorce are getting their own reality show. And to spice things up they're throwing in the girl that Reggie Bush reportedly cheated on Kim with and Ashton Kutcher's alleged mistress.

The show, Mistress Makeovers "Starting Over", will feature Tiger's two mistresses Joslyn James and Jamie Jungers, Reggie's girl January Gessert and Ashton's alleged mistress Brittany Jones getting plastic surgery makeovers. Yeah, cause they're not fake enough already.

Sources tell Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY Joslyn and Jamie will get breast implants, January will receive a Brazilian Butt and botox (perhaps to resemble Kim?!) and Brittany's still undecided.

This sure-to-be-classy hit will follow these hoes as they go under the knife and reveal their transformation, which is supposed to help them "start over" and reinvent themselves so they can "find true love."

Riiiight, cause nothing says true love like, I banged Tiger Woods and ruined his marriage and now I'm getting big old fake titties to find Mr. Right.

Is it just us, or has reality TV hit an all-time low???