First Photo of Tiger Woods Was Staged

February 18, 2010 By:
First Photo of Tiger Woods Was Staged

After three months of isolation, Tiger Woods finally resurfaced yesterday. And Getty images was lucky enough to snap the first photo of the shamed golfer, even though dozens of paparazzi's have been camped out in front of his house and rehab center for months. Coincidence? Hardly.

According to TMZ, Tiger may have inked a deal with Getty, a non-paparazzi, subscription-based photo agency, allowing them to snap the first photo of him. Why? Because he wanted to screw the paparazzi.

The first photo of Tiger post scandal could have fetched up to a $1 million dollars in worldwide distribution profits.

So Tiger simply agreed to be photographed by a Getty sports photographer and Getty released the image (free of charge) to various media outlets.

Sources tell TMZ that just one day prior to the Tiger photo being released, Getty inked a "multi-year deal" with the PGA. How convenient.