Escort Owner Has Proof Jamie Jungers is a Prostitute

December 11, 2009 By:
Escort Owner Has Proof Jamie Jungers is a Prostitute

Jamie Jungers appeared on the Today Show this morning and swore up and down that she’s not a prostitute. She even said she was going to get her lawyer involved to make sure whomever was spreading the rumors would have to pay for it.

But perhaps Jamie failed to cover all her bases, since her alleged former manager at the escort service has come forward with proof she was an employee.

A woman named Michelle Braun tells E! that Jungers isn’t telling the truth. "That's just a lie," says Braun. "Of course she's going to deny it. What girl is going to go on national TV and admit she was an escort?"

Braun even provided E! with 1099 tax forms to prove that she employed Jungers, as well as fellow Tiger Woods mistress Holly Sampson.

These girls obviously don’t know how foolish they’re making themselves look. Can you imagine the horror their familes must be facing right now?!