Elin Refuses to Take a Vacation With Tiger

April 9, 2010 By:
Elin Refuses to Take a Vacation With Tiger

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are going on vacation! But don’t get any ideas—they won’t be hanging poolside together sipping pina coladas any time soon.

Sources say Tiger was desperate to take a family vacation after the Masters are over, but Elin has decided she wants to go without him. “Instead, she’s planning her own trip away,” the source said. “And Tiger is not invited on that trip.”

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According to Radaronline, their marriage is growing worse and worse by the day. Elin refuses to move back into the family home with him, and even when she drops the kids off to spend time with him, she doesn’t go inside.

“Tiger has asked Elin several times to take a small vacation with him and the kids after the tournament,” said the source. “She has said no every time. And she’s told him she’s going away without him.”

“Elin is establishing her own life,” the source said. “Just the other day another one of Tiger’s affairs came out, the girl in the neighborhood. Elin hears all of this. And it just deepens the betrayal she feels.”

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Good for her! At this point, Elin would have to be an idiot to get back together with him. She needs to move forward with the divorce already!