Elin Nordegren Won't Go to the Masters

March 23, 2010 By:
Elin Nordegren Won't Go to the Masters

Tiger Woods may be returning to The Masters, but one person who won't be cheering him on from the gallery is his wife Elin Nordegren.

According to a new report by the Chicago Sun-Times, Elin has opted to fly back to her native Sweden with her kids in tow.

The source says, "She wants to be out of the country when Tiger plays the Masters."

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We don't blame her! Who would want to fake clap from the sidelines? Sources tell People Elin is solely focused on the children right now, and could care less about Tiger's return to golf. "Elin is going through the motions of family life only to keep the children well grounded," the source says.

"She suffered through the pain of her parents divorcing and doesn't want to do that to her kids. But she is not happy in the marriage. The trust is gone."

The insider added, "Elin wants to stay away from Augusta and not get involved in the frenzy of the Masters. By not going, she sends a signal that she is staying with Tiger only because of the children. They come first."

We wonder how long Elin can put on this front and go through the motions before she has enough? We know they're trying to stay together for the kids, but we're not sure it's worth it since they're so young! Elin could start over and have a new life, and Tiger definitely deserves to be alone.

What do you think of Elin's decision not to attend the Masters?