Elin Nordegren Ready to Divorce Tiger

March 29, 2010 By:
Elin Nordegren Ready to Divorce Tiger

Elin Nordegren is sick and tired of trying to make it work with Tiger Woods. She’s reportedly moving forward with the divorce after attempting to go back to playing house with the golfer.

According to the Sunday Mirror, Elin met her divorce lawyer on March 17, a day after Tiger announced his return to golf at the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia on April 8.

A source said, "She went to her lawyers and told them, 'I'm going through with it'.

Elin Won't Go to the Masters

Apparently Elin was annoyed that Tiger cancelled a planned family dinner after the announcement and decided to have his team of handlers come over to do some damage control. Elin now thinks his pledge to focus on his family was all for the cameras.

Elin has apparently taken her two children to stay with friends, an hour away from the family home.

"She went away on the boat with the kids for a few days and when she came back her mind was made up. She will file for divorce, but there is a lot of legal wrangling going on behind the scenes so that when she does, it will be like surgery - quick, pristine and seamless," the source added.

Guess we don’t blame her. Tiger’s obvious focus right now is playing golf. Family has always been secondary to him, and it seems this scandal hasn’t changed a thing.