Celebs: Tiger Will Be Just Fine

April 14, 2010 By:
Celebs: Tiger Will Be Just Fine

With Tiger Woods deciding to take time off of golf after losing the Masters, and Jesse James back in rehab, we wanted to know whether or not people think these two men will ever get their lives back on track.

Both of their personal lives have been on a downward spiral. And time will tell whether their professional lives will ever be resurrected. Hollyscoop talked to a few celebs who gave us their opinions.

Jason Derulo told us he plans on avoiding falling into the Tiger trap by staying true to himself. He said, "I have to stay who I am. I dont think I'm a bad person and I dont think I will ever be."

Fellow athlete Kristi Yamaguchi thinks it's ridiculous to feel sorry for the golfer. "Tiger is going to be just fine," she said.

Same with Shannon Elizabeth: "He got 4th right? I think he is doing just fine. He will get back out there and fight if he really wants to."

Dancing With the Stars' professional Anna Trebunskaya quipped, "I guess his personal life will have to be his personal life from now on. He is an amazing athlete."

Switching gears to Jesse James, Derek Hough thinks he will make comebacks slowly but surely. "I think he will," he told Hollyscoop. "It's so hard in the public eye, when you know you are in the wrong. It's tough to rebuild your reputation. He has to separate the two."

Aiden Turner would make a great motivational speaker if he ever decides to switch careers. He said, "I hope so, we all makes mistakes. If you are married you need to be honest with your wife and tell them you are done. Sex rehab? Is there such a thing? Be a better person and don’t do things behind their back. Honesty is the best policy. Spread love, not hate."

The Bachelor Jake Pavelka was feeling love for Jesse James and Tiger Woods last night--perhaps a little too much. He said, "They are strong guys and should keep doing what they are doing. Everyone deserves a second chance."

We don't think Sandra Bullock or Elin Nordegren would agree! But we'll have to see what happens in the coming months!