T.I. Ordered to Pay $5K a Month in Child Support

February 27, 2009 By:
T.I. Ordered to Pay $5K a Month in Child Support

T.I. has more than just a yearlong prison sentence to prepare for, but he has to pay up to the mother of his children.

He was already paying LaShon Dixon $3000 a month in child support, but now it’s been bumped up to $5000! That’ll hurt the wallet!

Female judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane seems like she sided with the woman on this one!

Dixon's attorney, Randy Kessler, says his client is "very grateful" for the judge's decision and called it "a complete victory."

T.I. didn’t have a total loss though. He was originally paying the boys’ private school tuition, but no longer has to pay it.

He is making the big bucks now though, with two top songs on Billboard, a film company, and a clothing line. So $5K is probably doable given his new income! At least he knows the money is going to his children.