T.I. Anxious About Going to Jail

February 3, 2009 By:
T.I. Anxious About Going to Jail

Rapper, actor, producer T.I. will miss “My kids, my family, my friends, my house, my cars, my food my life" when the prison bars close behind him in March 2009.

After facing up to 30 years in prison for allegedly trying to buy automatic weapons in 2007, T.I. had his time reduced to 1 year by doing 1000 hours of community service and he hopes that his fans will learn "I’m going through it so you don’t have to."

T.I. spoke candidly with Hollyscoop.com at a screening of his new MTV reality show, "Road to Redemption," which debuts February 10.

He said that although he is “anxious to move forward and put this behind [him],” he does not have a hard time explaining himself to his children.

“My kids are smart they know what is going on. They know the difference between their Daddy and other peoples Daddy’s so it was never hard to explain to them.”

His children and fiancé Tameka Tiny “have got his back. That’s how my family works,” he told Hollyscoop.

And T.I. will keep on working right up until his jail time. He is designing the fall line for his brand ‘Akoo,’ producing a movie called ‘Takers’, performing at the Grammy’s, and he is recording a new album!

He says “I could put an album out if I wanted to. But I don’t know yet. Paper Trail is doing so well.”

No wonder why T.I. was yawning when we first began the interview! He has a lot going on and not a lot of free time left. Tell us what you think... did T.I. deserve his prison sentence?