Spice Girls Creator Fired From 'X Factor' UK Over Sex Tape Lawsuit

July 18, 2012 By:

Yikes, a lot is going on in that headline. The UK version of “The X Factor” is involved in some major drama featuring one of its judges, a sex tape, and the guy who created the Spice Girls.

Tulisa Contostavlos, former girl bander and one of the judges on “The X Factor” is suing Chris Herbert (famed for creating Spice Girls) because she believes that he leaked and is now selling footage from her sex tape.

For starters, don’t make sex tapes when you’re famous. Like seriously, I don’t even understand why celebs keep doing it. Anyway, Herbert was expected to make about seven figures from the proceeds of the girl's sex tape.

The case was settled against her former lover Justin Edwards but she is still embroiled in lawsuits against other parties that she is accusing of trying to sell the video earlier this year, Chris Herbert is one of them.

As a result of the lawsuit, Herbert lost his job on “The X Factor” where he served as a music consultant.

“We have become aware of an ongoing legal dispute involving Tulisa Contostavlos and Chris Herbert, a well-known music manager,” an spokesperson for "The X Factor" told Hollyscoop, “Mr. Herbert had been due to begin a music consultancy role on a freelance basis for the program in the autumn.”

Well, it looks like he won’t get that role after all, "The X Factor" rep says, “As a result of us becoming aware of the ongoing legal action, we have decided it is in everyone’s interest for Mr. Herbert not to be involved in the forthcoming series.”

But the bottom line is, does Simon Cowell know about this? Not that he would care, I’m sure Simon would probably want to peep the sex tape himself, but does the boss-man know what his staff is up to?

“Simon is unaware of any of these issues,” says the rep, “He and Chris last worked together more than a decade ago.”