24 "X Factor" Singers Make the Cut, L.A. Reid Hates Old People

October 11, 2012 By:

Last night, the most promising 24 contestants vying for the “X Factor” title in their respective categories met their show mentors and celebrity guests.

They started with 60 hopefuls last week in the final rounds of Boot Camp in Miami, where only two dozen moved on for our viewing pleasure and separated into four specific groups (Teens, Young Adults, Over 25+, Groups). This was actually one of the more entertaining segments of the episode—the reveal of which group went to which celebrity judge—if only to see L.A. Reid slam his cord desk phone into its receiver and storm down an office hallway.

Why? He got the “Over 25+” category, and as we all know (?), if you’re going to try to debut a career in music over the age of 25, you might as well just sing on stage in Depends and a walker. A death sentence, yo.

L.A. has a career streak for finding young talent as the co-founder of LaFace Records (with Babyface) and signing Usher at 14, notably.

You could basically see the $$$$ signs fall from his eyes as he said, in disbelief, “The what?” when he hears he’s getting the geriatrics wing of the “X Factor.”

Maybe for Real Life, L.A. mentoring this age group isn’t his specialty, but for Reality TV Life, this out-of-his-comfort zone responsibility should make for great TV.
As for Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, and Simon Cowell, they were given reigns over the “X Factor” arcs of the Teens (12–16), Young Adults (17–24), and Groups, in that order.

The episode picked up speed again when the groups got to meet their judges and celebrity mentors—Nick Jonas for the Young Adults, the world-weathered wise 18-year-old Justin Bieber for the “Over 25+”, and Marc Anthony for the Groups.