‘X Factor' Recap: Britney and Demi Make Their Debut

September 13, 2012 By:
‘X Factor' Recap: Britney and Demi Make Their Debut

The girls are taking over network TV…

Introduced as if it were the TV event of the millennium, after months and months of anticipation, the season premiere of “The X Factor” made its grand appearance on Wednesday night. And with it came the debut of Demi Lovato and Britney Spears who did a good job keeping things interesting… For now.

A giant “X” rockets through space, thumping Michael Bay-esk title cards, and a soundtrack straight out of action movie…

The judges took the stage, one by one, to a screaming auditorium. First L.A. Reid, then Demi, then Simon, saving the best – and most expensive – for last.

“…And BRITNEY SPEARS,” adding, “It’s Britney, bitch.”

Once all the hoopla was over – about 30 minutes - the judges settled into their positions for the remainder of the 2-hour premiere, which played out as Xpected.

The evening started out strong with a performance from Paige Thomas, a single mom with moves and a look reminiscent of Rihanna.

There was also a mini-Justin Bieber, a creepy old dude that told Demi that she used auto-tune, and even a blast from the past for Britney when a singer that she dueted with her previously tried his luck on the “X Factor” stage. Despite his stalker-like obsession with Brit, he did not make it through.

Our favorite? A three piece band from Huntington Beach by the name of Emblem3, who made the bold and awesome move of singing an original song, “Sunset Boulevard,” in the style of Sublime.

Demi and Britney did what they were expected to do: sit and critique…

Demi was adorable, flirting with just about every male act that was within her age range and did not appear to have a criminal record.

Britney made simple, but harsh critiques. A montage of her jabs did a good job making her out to be a wicked witch of the “X.”

Ratings are still being tallied, so it’s still up in the air whether or not “X Factor” beat out the competition from “The Voice” on NBC, which decided to run a third episode in their premiere week at the same time as the re-arrival of Simon’s show.

We can only assume that “X Factor” came out on top…

The premiere focused on the audition stops in Austin and San Francisco. Opening week of “X Factor” continues on Thursday night at 8/7 c.