Mickey Rourke Comments on Possible Oscar Nomination

December 22, 2008 By:
Mickey Rourke Comments on Possible Oscar Nomination

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Mickey Rourke's latest movie, “The Wrestler.” The flick, which is directed by Darren Aronofsky, stars Rourke as a 230-pound beast named Randy “The Ram” Robinson. He makes his way through the independent circuit, trying to get back in the game for one final showdown with his former rival. Fans and critics believe it's Rourke’s best performance to date.

Even though Rourke was never “out of work” per say, he has suffered the ups and downs of fame--just like his character in the film. He went from being Hollywood's golden boy to an industry liability with multiple DUI arrests, then took on boxing and since his return to prominence in Sin City.

Thanks to The Wrestler, Rourke is now raking in Golden Globe nominations, Independent Spirit nominations and might be in the running for an Oscar nomination.

When Hollyscoop caught up with Rourke at the Los Angeles premiere he told us he was "thrilled to death" about the nomination. "I found out at 5:30am and I couldn’t go to sleep,” he said.

In regards to a possible Oscar nomination, Rourke said, ”I don’t know, that’s out of my hands. I'm just glad that I'm experiencing this night tonight, it's just such a great feeling, I can't put it to words.”

Rourke isn’t the only one getting all the Award show buzz, his co-star Marisa Tomei also scored a Golden Globe nomination for her performance as a stripper.

Hollyscoop hit the star studded Los Angeles film premiere to find out why “The Wrestler” is this season's must see movie. Enjoy!