The Wire Season 5

November 13, 2007 By:
The Wire Season 5

Jimmy McNulty and crew are coming back this January for the 5th and final season of HBO's critically acclaimed Baltimore crime series The Wire.  A show that for most of its run didn't pull in the ratings and was threatened with cancellation has finally emerged triumphant to end on its own terms next year.

The Wire has not only been lauded as a gritty and realistic crime drama, but as a social commentary to end social commentaries.  About not only inner city crime and the police who investigate it, but also about the system that perpetuates it.

Since the show finished filming in early September, its run is not affected by the strike.   

Creator David Simon has revealed that the theme for the final season will be about the media impact on crime and on the system itself.  But until January, you can catch up on past seasons through HBO On Demand.