The Wire: React Quotes

February 4, 2008 By:
The Wire: React Quotes

Episode 5x5

McNulty and Freamon's serial killer scheme seems to have gone past the point of no return. First McNulty spiced up the details of the "crimes" to Gutierrez and Templeton just to give them, as reporters, something to go on. Herc snaked Marlo's phone number from Levy with it eventually trickling down to McNulty and Freamon. Now all that's left is an excuse for a Wire. And in comes Templeton, the do anything to move up reporter, who "got a call" from the serial killer, giving the info to his news team and McNulty. The Wire goes through, but for how long? Also, lest we forget that Bunk knows pretty much everything and yet stays silent because of his loyalty to McNulty. And it seems that loyalty was tested yet again when Beadie came in the station looking for her gallivanting and alcoholic man. Bunk remained loyal, but you can tell is frustrated. Will he turn on his old partner this season?

Elsewhere, Omar patiently waits for the right moment to strike on Marlo's crew. When he does move in, he gets more than he expected.

Bubbles gets tested for HIV and comes out negative, yet believes he deserves to be positive. He still has a rough time adjusting to sobriety considering all the things he did in the past. I certainly hope that Bubbles keeps on this track.

Dookie s wants to toughen up for the streets, and ends up going back to Cuddy's gym. This is the first appearance by Cuddy this season.

And as expected, State Senator Clay Davis isn't going to go down without a fight. He brings in former Mayor Royce to stump for him.

Everything is coming to a head, and we're only halfway through the season.