"The Wanted" Singer Max George Great In Bed – Upset About It?

July 26, 2012 By:

Here’s a weird story.

UK Boyband The Wanted’s hottest member (arguably) Max George has been called out by an ex-girlfriend who is blabbing about how great he is in bed. Now, Max George is apparently “heartbroken” and “very upset” over this news.

I’m trying to figure out why the world knowing that you are a sex god is a bad thing?

George recently broke up with his fiancé Michelle Keegan, and his girlfriend before her, Bobbi Aney, is telling rag mags in the UK that she was sexting him while he was with Michelle and that Max began a relationship with Michelle while he was still with Bobbi.

It’s all sorts of confusing and the women involved aren’t famous enough for me to care, or maybe I’m still dwelling on the K-Stew and R-Patz story, regardless, here’s the best part of the story.

“Sometimes we would have sex six or seven times a day,” Bobbi raved to the UK tabloid the Sunday Mirror about her ex-lover Max. How do you even have that much free time? Nevermind.

She also revealed that “His housemates joked they could hear us in bed.”

Uhhh, pretty sure his housemates didn’t “joke that” they could hear you guys, but rather they “hate that” they could hear you guys.

Basically, Bobbi is still carrying a flame for Max and in light of his most recent break-up she wants to be like “well, I had marathon sex with him first.”

Anyways, a source close to Max told TMZ that Bobbi’s tabloid rant is making him upset because he doesn’t want recent girlfriend Michelle to feel worse over their breakup.

“George never wanted to hurt Michelle,” a source told TMZ, “He’s very sad.”

What you should take away from this story is that Max George has a hard time maintaining a relationship but is really good in bed. The end.