British Airways Gals REALLY Like Nathan Sykes

July 4, 2012 By:
British Airways Gals REALLY Like Nathan Sykes

Heads up people, girls around the world continue to throw themselves at boys in bands.

The Daily Mail is reporting that 19-year-old Nathan Sykes, of the British boy band The Wanted gets all sorts of offers for female companionship, even in the sky.

“I haven’t joined the mile-high club on our travels yet, but there have been some slightly provocative air hostesses,” Sykes said.

And while the offers are apparently tossed around like quarter ounce bags of peanuts, Sykes said he isn’t interested in their free samples, “They get a bit carried away. I think it would be completely unprofessional of me if I took them up on it, obviously.”

But if he were going to stow away in a 2 foot by 2 foot bathroom to create some turbulence of his own, Sykes would do it on British Airways. Their stewardesses are apparently the hottest… and the most attentive, ‘They take care of us a bit too keenly.”

Should gnarly, cramped air bathroom sex not appeal, these BA ladies make it clear they can be had on solid ground as well, “They are like: ‘If you ever need anything here is my number.’”

Now that’s First Class service. Bravo Britain.

The band has said that “pretty girls” are one of the greatest perks of their stardom.

And Sykes personal reputation doesn’t necessarily indicate that he’ll hold out forever. He celebrated his birthday at the Playboy mansion (much to the dismay of his mother), and spent the evening chatting up a porn star.

You guys think he offered to fly her somewhere special?