"The Voice" Recap: Natalie Hernandez Opens, Cody Belew Closes Final Round of Blind Auditions

October 2, 2012 By:

Last night brought a whimpering close to the Blind Auditions over at “The Voice.” It was two hours of singing talent that was “all right, you’re good enough, hurry up, get us to the next round”—nothing totally offensive, to say the least, but no one worth putting the Nutella down to leap off your couch for.

However, before moving onto the more memorable talent of those gearing up for the Battle Rounds, the episode did have a “Seriously, Cee Lo?!” moment and his name was Kameron Corvet. The middle school French teacher sang a rendition of Seal’s “Crazy” that was creative, commercial, an unconventional name, and seemed right up Cee Lo’s alley, except The Lady Killer didn’t make a move. Neither did Adam, Christina, or Blake and THAT was like singing a whole other kind of crazy. Whatever, what do I know? I’m no judge—I don’t own a giant spinning chair. But that’s because they don’t sell those at IKEA. I checked.
As for those that made it, here are the four worth listening to…

Nathalie Hernandez: This 15-year-old from Florida in a floral print skirt dress with a braid in her hair did everything you’d expect a 15-year-old from Florida in a floral print skirt dress with a braid in her hair to do on “The Voice”: she sang a Taylor Swift song. Nathalie’s voice smoothly galloped her way through “White Horse” and had Blake and Christina hitting their buttons within the first verse. Adam joined in mid-way through, but it was too late for Natalie who already had her heart set on Team Christina.

Caitlin Michele: In Caitlin’s camp, there was some dude with an epic handlebar mustache that for the most part eclipsed the girl’s performance. But from what I can remember, she channeled her inner Florence Welch (we all have one) to showcase her strong pipes and lyrical phrasing which were good, even if they were just carbon copies of “Cosmic Love.” Blake and Adam turn around, and per Christina’s suggestion, Caitlin goes with Adam.

Kayla Nevarez: Looking like she just stepped out of a Nylon photo shoot, Kayla gave a sorta jazzy, sorta sassy rendition of Estelle’s “American Boy.” Her voice was also good, but her swag almost convinced you it was better than it actually was. She became an immediate contender for Christina and Adam. Kayla chose Adam and that completes his team of 16 before the other judges.

Cody Belew: Cody gave new meaning to “blind” auditions, when thinking no one had chosen him turned his back to the crowd and judges just as Cee Lo pushed his button. The 27-year-old country boy nearly jumped out of his cowboy boots when he realized he made it to the next round. His singing was good enough too, but the only part of his voice that seriously mattered was its fabulous personality. When he said, “I do believe in a past life, I was an elderly black woman,” invisible buttons of everyone who wanted to be Cody’s BFF were being pushed everywhere.

Photo Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC