'The Voice' Contestants Step Up Their Game For Final Competition

May 7, 2012 By:
'The Voice' Contestants Step Up Their Game For Final Competition

We’re down to four, ladies and gents!

The Voice,” competition comes to a close Monday night as Tony Lucca, Chris Mann, Jermaine Paul, and Juliet Simms battle it out one last time. The singers will get a chance to prove themselves twice; first in a solo performance, then in a duet with their coach.

From the sounds of things, everyone’s got a fair shake.

Team Christina has been prepping a duet that Mann had actually auditioned for the show with, saying that he chose to work with Aguilera with this song in mind if he got the chance to make it to the final showdown.

“It's so fun to sing with Chris, because he’s so great at what he does,” said Aguilera. “He deserves it. He defines it. He’s the embodiment of ‘The Voice.’”

Aguilera described Mann as a confident performer who knows who he is, but is also open-minded enough to take advice.

On the Team Blake front, everyone seems to be best buds. The country music star has been known to openly welcome past artists from the show over to his house.

Last week, Blake sadly said goodbye to Erin Willett after a 50/50 spilt will Paul. Still, Blake feels confident, constantly being blown away by Paul’s talent.

“He’s so good, it’s unbelievable. It’s ridiculous,” said Blake. “I always feel very intimidated by him.”

Blake was recently fired up into competition mode after hearing Coach Adam saying he could win with Lucca.


Speaking of Team Adam, Lucca claims he’s got some tricks up his sleeve. The singer said he is going to try something new this week and break from the mold.

“Of the four of us this week, I think I might be the proud owner of the wild card,” said Lucca.

Lucca feels comfortable working with Adam and is inspired by his “boyish quality” that comes out preparing for each week’s performance.

Simms is representing Team Cello tonight and is the final female in the competition. Though she chose her coach on a gut instinct, she couldn’t be happier with her decision.
“He gets me,” said Simms. “He’s really taken my best elements and something I was told to suppress my whole career and been like, ‘No, you need to let that out!’”

But this is all talk. We’ll see who really steps up for the title soon enough!

The finale chapter of season two of “The Voice” airs tonight at 8/7c and Tuesday at 9/8c.