The Tudors to Only Air One More Season

April 13, 2009 By:
The Tudors to Only Air One More Season

One of our favorite shows on cable has an end date! Sadly, The Tudors will only go on for one more season after this current one. The show has been picked up by Showtime for a fourth season, to debut in spring 2010.

Season 3 of The Tudors just returned last week with Henry taking a new wife, Jane Seymour. We can look forward later in the season to Joss Stone joining the cast, who will play Henry’s fourth wife, Anne of Cleves.

So although there will only be one more season of The Tudors, executive producer Michael Hirst has hope for possible spin-offs.

He says, "By calling the series The Tudors, we've at least given ourselves the possibilities of doing other Tudors. Elizabeth has been done to death, but Mary and Edward haven't, and even Henry's father hasn't."

So enjoy Jonathan Rhys Meyers and The Tudors while it lasts! You can catch it every Sunday night on Showtime.