MTV Debuts New Show The Stylist

April 27, 2009 By:
MTV Debuts New Show The Stylist

MTV is trying their hand at fashion by introducing a new show called The Stylist. The network is presenting the show to potential buyers today at New York’s “up fronts.”

The show would be about a group of fashion stylists who are competing for a contract with a major agency. We’re talking the men and women responsible for making Hollywood celebs looks their best! So you can imagine how cut-throat that world must be.

Looks like MTV is maybe trying to get away from some of their current style of programming, and try and compete with the shows on networks like Bravo>/i> and TLC.

The show was created by Bunim-Murray, who brought us The Real World. The number of episodes of The Stylist and the premiere date are not known. But we’re crossing our fingers that this gets picked up!