Newest TV Addiction: The Spin Crowd

October 8, 2010 By:
Newest TV Addiction: The Spin Crowd

Kim Kardashian’s latest project, The Spin Crowd has been a hit on E!

What started off as a half-hour special SPINdustry has done pretty well with the ratings as a reality series.

The show revolves around Jonathan Cheban, head of Command Pr and his team, which includes the super fab Simon Huck.

Simon revealed why people are addicted to “The Spin Crowd.” “ There is a huge fascination with celebrity and pubic relations, I think this gives viewers a look into that life.”

Jonathan believes his show has all the elements for a hit series, "comedy, drama, career and hot girls..oh yeh and Simon and I! Haha!"

I’ve known Jonathan and Simon personally for years and was pretty surprised it took them so long to get a reality show. The dynamic duo is super fun, outrageous and funny to be around. Jonathan admitts, he's happy to be entertaining to a larger audience. "Its been incredible and a whole new chapter..I always loved entertaining my freinds and now I can entertain the world," said Jonathan.

Jonathan and Simon are usually behind the scenes, so I asked Simon what it was like having the table turned? “At first I didn't think I'd get used to have cameras surrounding me,” said Simon. “But after awhile you forget and its business as usual.”

In regards to what we can expect from the Season finale? Jonathan said,"It will be a tear jerker..we all were at our lowest and highest point all at the same time and there is a big twist at the end." Simon agrees and states, "I think there is a more emotional Simon in the last episode. EEK!”

If the ratings persist to stay high, Kim Kardashian may have more reasons to celebrate, as season 2 will be delivered. I am sure Jonathan and Simon won't mind having Kim as their boss for another season. "Kim is the most proffesional and sexiest boss! If everyone had a boss like kim there would be no job openings. She is so supportive and 100% always has our back," said Jonathan.

Speaking of Kim K, I couldn’t help but ask Jonathan who he would want to hook her up with. "Kim is a tough one, she's a busy girl with a lot of travel..she needs a mogul!!" Simon went on to say, “I'd love Kim to have the opportunity to meet someone without them knowing who she is first, is that even possible? Someone who is unaware of "Kim Kardashian" as a public figure...”

The show airs right after “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” on the E! Network. Make sure to tune in!