Movie Review: "The Spiderwick Chronicles"

February 28, 2008 By:
Movie Review:

Here is yet another fantasy, fairy-tale film in which the audience is
assured that there are worlds other than their own all around them, all
they have to do is look closer. With such a fast growing genre of
fantasy films being produced one after the other, "The Spiderwick
Chronicles," I must say, was one of the most entertaining and comical
one's so far. With many original characters, a rather refreshing plot,
and great acting by all the actors involved, this film is worth seeing.
Also, the animated characters voices with the help of Seth Rogan, Nick
Nolte and Martin Short were top notch. Altogether, a fun, thrilling,
original piece of work for all ages.

Director Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Just Like Heaven) returns with his
latest film "The Spiderwick Chronicles." Jared Grace (Freddie
Highmore), his twin brother Simon (also Highmore), their sister Mallory
(Sarah Bolger), and their mother Helen (Mary-Louise Parker) -who is in
the midst of a separation from her husband- all pack up and move into
the run-down Spiderwick Estate, which they inherited from their great
Uncle, Arthur Spiderwick. Simultaneously with their arrival to the
Spiderwick Estate, many out of the ordinary, unexplainably bizarre
occurrences begin to arise. Jared is the first to become familiar with
these strange incidents, however, as odd-ball as they are, the rest of
the family does not believe a single word Jared is trying to tell them.
With some more snooping around, Jared finds a book, Arthur Spiderwick's
guide, which is chalked up with illustrations and depictions of all the
wonders that surround the house. But with this book, comes great danger
and responsibility. After being aware of what is at stake, and then
finally convincing his brother and sister of the surrounding alternate
world, the three siblings must work together and do all they can to
protect the book from the evil ogre Mulgarath (Nick Nolte).

Freddie Highmore, at just 16 years of age, is the real deal. Staying
busy since his 2004 hit "Finding Neverland" -acting opposite the one
and only Johnny Depp- Highmore has went on to star in "Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory" (also Depp), "A Good Year," "August Rush," "The
Golden Compass," and now "The Spiderwick Chronicles." This young and
growing star has a lot of potential in becoming the next big thing.
Also, Mary-Louise Parker, star of my top 3 favorite show on television,
"Weeds" is always a joy to see on the big screen.

Pat the Movie Critic gives "The Spiderwick Chronicles" ---- 3 Scoops.