Joey Fatone And Mel B. Co-Host Singing Competition

April 7, 2008 By:
Joey Fatone And Mel B. Co-Host Singing Competition

Joey Fatone and Mel B. have both turned into reality whores.  The have a new gig on the horizon that they're co-hosting together, called The Singing Office.  The show pits different groups of employees against each other in a sing-off. Doesn't sound quite as cool as a dance-off, but there are already enough dancing show on TV right now.

Mel B. reminded viewers that the show is not a serious competition, and it just gives people a break from their everyday lives to have fun with their co-workers.

In each episode, the pair will surprise employees at two separate workplaces with impromptu vocal auditions. The five best singers will be separated into groups and trained by professionals to perform a song-and-dance routine and compete in front of a studio audience.

Keep your fingers crossed that they come knocking on your office door! We sure are!