New Reality Show: The Shot on VH1

November 5, 2007 By:
New Reality Show: The Shot on VH1

Some of you may be saying "not another reality competition show!" but we are in the age of voyeurism! Reality shows are so popular not only because they allow us to see into individuals life and thoughts but can also very informative and educational.

Kimora's Life in the Fab can be good for clothing entrepreneurs, Gotti's Way gives you a piece of the music industry, and America's Next Top Model can help aspiring models see how harsh the modeling world can be.

Ironically from the producers of ANTM, in The Shot a group of emerging photographers battle it out for the top prize. Surprisingly, the debut does not waste time picking up speed and within one hour you see two photo challenges, an elimination, and heating arguments between all the photographers.

Tune in this week for tips from the professionals on how to take a good picture without getting washed out by sunlight......