Movie Review: "The Ruins"

April 4, 2008 By:
Movie Review:

I've been waiting for a good amount of time for an original, above
average scare-fest, and "The Ruins" delivers. The great young cast
never falters in their portrayal of terrified, confused, and desperate
early to mid-twenties kids, who made the mistake of attempting to be
cultural on their last day of their exotic getaway. The sheer terror on
their faces is good enough for me to recommend this film, however, the
gore, the violence, and especially the comic relief sprinkled
throughout had some of the audience members at the theaters
laughing aloud in some of the most suspenseful scenes. "The Ruins" is
loads of fun. I enjoyed it immensely.

Jeff (Jonathan Tucker), Amy (Jena Malone), Eric (Shawn Ashmore), and
Stacy (Laura Ramsey) are four friends enjoying themselves on vacation
in Mexico. Basking on the beach under the wonderful sun, they are
approached by another tourist, Mathias (Joe Anderson). Mathias tells
them that he is here with a friend who has found an ancient Mayan
temple, and he will be joining him tomorrow for an archeological dig.
Asking the group if they would like to join -although hesitant at
first- they all agree. So, on their final day of vacation, instead of
laying on the beach relaxing, Jeff, Amy, Eric, and Stacy decide to join
Mathias in visiting "The Ruins." As they arrive, they realize there is
a reason that this temple is not on any map; it was an ancient
sacrifice ground... As a matter of fact, it still is! Now, as the
locals will not allow them to leave, these tourists must find a way to
escape without being noticed by the locals, all while being pursued by
an ancient evil that lies in "The Ruins."

Much better than I expected. "The Ruins" follows all the correct
guidelines in making a successful (and still very good) horror film,
while staying as far away from all the cliche filled crap that new
horror films follow. Quite original, feverishly entertaining, and
wonderfully terrifying, the scares are not few and far between, but
instead constant. Jena Malone has been great in everything I have seen
of hers, and she continues to mesmerize in her latest role. But what
makes "The Ruins" better than other somewhat similar horror films of
the recent past, is that Tucker, Ashmore, Ramsey, and Anderson all also
have top-notch performances. These actors really did seem genuinely

Pat the Movie Critic gives "The Ruins" --- 3 1/2 Scoops.