The Rocker Movie Review

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The Rocker Movie Review

When you have a naked drummer, anything is game. Rainn Wilson, best known for playing Dwight from The Office, stars in this hilarious movie about getting a second chance in life. Robert Fishman, aka Fish was once the drummer for the hottest heavy metal band in the world, Vesuvius. When he's kicked out of the band and replaced with another drummer, he goes apeshit and vows never to play drums again. One failed cubicle job, breakup with the girlfriend, and move-in with the sister later, Fish finds himself living in the attic "looking" for work. When it looks like he'll be a loser for life, his dorky, socially awkward nephew Matt saves the day. Matt, played by Josh Gad, plays the piano in a band called A.D.D., joined by the dark brooding artist type Curtis (Teddy Geiger) and the adorably no-nonsense Amelia (Emma Stone). The band is set to play prom when their drummer gets thrown out of school for drawing a penis on a teacher. Running out of time, Matty suggests they give his Uncle Fish a try.

The prom turns into a disaster, it being Fish's first time on stage, and his drum solo takes over the King and Queen's dance in a fit of rage, sweat, and sheer embarrassment for A.D.D.

When Robert is kicked out of his sister's house and forced to live in the basement of his favorite Chinese take-out place, the band invents a new way to practice, via four-way iChat. Because of the heat in Fish's new "apartment", he's forced to drum naked, which quickly makes its way onto YouTube. Thousands of hit later, A.D.D. signs a contract and is hitting the road.

Fish and the kids wow audiences across the country, everyone wanting to see the infamous "Naked Drummer." Fish starts taking his rockstar status a little too seriously though, and the whole band winds up in jail after a late-night party.

And that's where the parents come in! Teddy's mom, played by Christina Applegate, promises to stay for the remainder of the tour, so her children won't be influenced by the wild ways of Fish.

Everything is going A.D.D.'s way. That is, until they get a chance of a lifetime opportunity. Their agent, played by the hilarious Jason Sudeikis of SNL, informs the band that they're opening for Vesuvius in a free concert for their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Fish flies off the handle, quits the band, and finds himself a miserable job with his brother in law in the corporate world.

Now it's time for the kids to act like the adults. Lead singer Curtis decides the band is nothing without the spirit of Fish, and convinces him to do the gig. Fish and the band play an incredible show, and are on cloud nine. When they think things couldn't get any better, Vesuvius takes the stage. And with one slip of the mic stand, the lead singer's microphone goes crashing to the ground. The only problem is, the voice track is still going, revealing that they've been lip-synching the entire time! The audience goes wild, booing Vesuvius off the stage in a cloud of embarrassment, and chanting, "A.D.D.! A.D.D.!"

This is a movie about second chances, but also about believing in your dream. You can't beat the comedic timing of Rainn Wilson as Fish, and there are as many one-liners from up-and-comer Josh Gad and SNL's Jason Sudeikis as Anchorman. It's less about the music and more about life lessons, but Teddy's Geiger's voice is a definite added bonus!