The Rej3ctz: Even Your Momma Can Do The 'Peta Grifin'

May 3, 2012 By:
The Rej3ctz: Even Your Momma Can Do The 'Peta Grifin'

If you’ve just jumped on the “Cat Daddy” Rej3ctz train after seeing Kate Upton’s sexy "Cat Daddy" skills, get ready to learn a new dance, it’s called the “Peta Grifin.”

The Rej3ctz, the brains behind the “Cat Daddy” song and dance, have a new single out. It’s called the “Peta Grifin” and it’s also got it’s own dance move.

“Peta Grifin” is inspired by “Family Guy” TV dad Peter Griffin and Mowii (1/3 of the Rej3ctz) tells us that “it’s an extreme dance song by The Rej3ctz. It’s out of here!”

Just how extreme is the “Peta Grifin?”

“It’s brand new, it’s cutting edge,” Mowii tells Hollyscoop “It’s Cat Daddy to the 10th power. Oh my god you’re gonna blow up, cause it’s that massive, it’s that tight!”

Just to put the Peta Grifin into perspective, Mowii adds, “I think its gonna be bigger than the Cat Daddy, you know why? Cause it’s the Cat Daddy’s cousin.”

The guys promise, like the "Cat Daddy," anyone can learn the dance moves behind the "Peta Grifin."

“You can do it anywhere, your momma can do it, your grandmomma can do it, your aunty can do it. When your son can do it, it’s out of here!”

You heard it here first, ANYONE can learn the Peter Grifin. Does that mean we want to see your grandmomma in a bikini dancing the “Peta Grifin?” Probably not.

Verdict still out on whether or not Kate Upton gets a new bathing suit and a lesson on how to do the "Peta Grifin."