The Phantom of The Opera Sequel In The Works?

October 20, 2008 By:
The Phantom of The Opera Sequel In The Works?

There are talks in Hollywood that there may be a sequel to the Broadway musical adaptation flick The Phantom of The Opera.

Hollyscoop caught up with Emmy Rossum, who took on the role as “Christine” at the Nikon presents Hollywood Life's 5th Annual Hollywood Style Awards, to find out if the sequel is a done deal or not.

“I don’t anything about that yet, although I did hear there is one for Broadway. I don’t know about a film,” Rossum told Hollyscoop

So would Rossum want a Broadway one? “I have no idea. I love Andrew Lloyd Weber, I definitely be involved with anything of his. He’s just fantastic.”

Musical composer Andrew Lloyd Webber announced on his website that he had made a decision to write a sequel to his opera Phantom of the Opera, but left out further details. Check out our exclusive interview with Rossum below...