Movie Review: The Orphanage

January 10, 2008 By:
Movie Review: The Orphanage

Attention all horror movie fans, and to all who enjoy a good ghost story. I just saw "El Orfanato," or "The Orphanage" and may I just say, that I was blown away. What a wonderfully eerie ghost story from director Juan Antonio Bayona. This Spanish spook-fest came as a surprise to this astonished viewer, as well as many others that I dragged to the theater with me. A ghost story for the ages, "The Orphanage" had me looking left, right, up, and down, that same night as I was walking from my car to the front door of my humble abode.

"The Orphanage" is about a young girl who years after she was a child living at the orphanage, decided to head back to her beloved childhood mansion and begin an orphanage of her own. Laura (Belen Rueda), now older, more mature, and married to her loving husband Carlos (Fernando Cayo) return to the now closed orphanage with their own son Simon (Roger Princep). As they begin to settle in and prepare for the arrival of all the other children that will soon live in their house, strange things begin to happen. Although, Simon already has a few imaginary friends he plays with when he is lonely, Laura soon realized that the three of them, along with Simon's two imaginary friends, might not be the only one's living in the house. As things begin to unravel and secrets are revealed, stories about the history of the orphanage are brought to light. During the welcome party of all the other children, Simon mysteriously disappears vaulting Laura into a uncontrollable state of panic. As many disturbing scenarios amount one after the other, Carlos begins to fear for Laura's sanity. Laura, with no concern of her own well being, ignores Carlos, and rejects all others attempts of help, as she continues to search for her lost son, who's disappearance is linked to the bizarre occurrences of "The Orphanage."

Allow to me apologize for my limited synopsis on the film. Due to the film's suspenseful nature, and the over abundant amount of spoilers that could have been included, I came to the conclusion that I would much rather not spoil a single eerie moment of this cleverly written screenplay by Sergio G. Sanchez. Instead, I suggest everyone who is not too afraid to go to the nearest theater that is showing this soon to be acclaimed horror classic, and to reply or post their thoughts of "The Orphanage."

Pat the Movie Critic gives "The Orphanage" --- 4 Scoops.