Details on The Office Movie

September 3, 2010 By:
Details on The Office Movie

There’s a lot of talk about the future of The Office. We know Steve Carell is retiring as Michael Scott after this season. But does that mean the show is done altogether?

Show exec Paul Lieberstein tells E! that the show will go on. "There's been no talk at any point of The Office ending,” he says.

As for life at the office without Michael, Lieberstein says, "This will definitely change the dynamic. And we can't just replace Steve because I think that would lead to failure. We have to do something different. This show is really about office life, which so many people live. And changing it up a little will be welcome to the fans. Steve feels he's played almost everything he can with Michael Scott. There isn't a lot of new territory for him to discover. And if he's feeling that, fans must be, at a certain level, feeling that too—it's an opportunity to reinvent The Office."

Another rumor that keeps popping up is the possibility of a movie being made. "Maybe when the series is done we'd do an Office movie. I'd be up for that," Paul says. "But they're all such big movie stars now, I don't know if we could afford them on set."

In related news, we also heard a rumor that Harvey Keitel is on the list of candidates to replace Carell. Lieberstein said of Kietel, “He’s probably the only guy who can do it.”

Danny McBride, Rhys Darby and Michael Emerson are also in the mix. Who would you like to see as the new head of the Scranton branch?