Princess Diana Wanted the Hoff?

September 13, 2006 By:
Princess Diana Wanted the Hoff?

David Hasselhoff has either been hitting the bottle or he's in the midst of a mid life crisis. The 'star' is claiming that everyone from Elton John to Princess Diana has had the hots for him.

The Hoff, 54, said there were "sparks"
between him and the Princess the moment they met in 1993. Both sensed the attraction, even though they were married. Troubled David, who has been battling the booze and has just divorced wife Pamela, 43, insisted the pair would have slept together "if circumstances had been different".

Hasselhoff who is plugging his autobiography "Making Waves" reveals how the Princess told him she was impressed with his beefy 6ft 4in frame on their first meeting. She had joked:
"You look much better with your clothes on, and he replied: "Well Ma’am, so do you." Diana burst into giggles over his quip at a London charity bash and admitted she was lost for words over his cheek.

"I felt like she was a little girl caught up in this whirlwind. "She was smitten with me since I am so tall. I was smitten with her since she was so tall." The Hoff admits there was a sexual attraction between the two. In his book Hoff also claims he felt Sir Elton John, 59, fancied him after they shared a bill together in Germany.