The Hurt Locker Being Sued!

March 3, 2010 By:
The Hurt Locker Being Sued!

More bad news for The Hurt Locker! An army sergeant has just filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the makers of the Oscar-nominated film, claiming Jeremy Renner’s character is based on him.

According to EW, US Army bomb disposal expert Jeffrey Sarver filed a lawsuit Tuesday, claiming “The Hurt Locker motion picture and DVD are nothing more than an exploitation of a real life honorable, courageous, long serving member of our armed forces, by greedy multi-billion dollar ‘entertainment’ corporations.”

Those mentioned in the lawsuit include the film’s producer Mark Boal, director Kathryn Bigelow, and distributor Summit Entertainment.

Summit has since replied with the statement, Summit said, “We have no doubt that Master Sgt. Sarver served his country with honor and commitment risking his life for a greater good, but we distributed the film based on a fictional screenplay written by Mark Boal. We hope for a quick resolution to the claims made by Master Sgt. Sarver.”

Talk about a bad week! Just yesterday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences denied Hurt Locker producer Nicolas Chartier entry to the show because of an email he sent encouraging people to vote for his film, and putting down the fellow Best Picture contender Avatar.

Regardless of either of these hiccups, The Hurt Locker was an excellent film, and we’re expecting it to win more than one Oscar on Sunday!