Philip Seymour Hoffman To Star In Next 'Hunger Games' Flick

July 9, 2012 By:
Philip Seymour Hoffman To Star In Next 'Hunger Games' Flick

If you cast off The Hunger Games trilogy as just another pre-teen fantasy flick riding on the coattails of the Twilight mania, you would be wrong. Oscar winning and acclaimed actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has just signed on for a big role in Catching Fire, the second installment and upcoming film in The Hunger Games trilogy.

Hoffman will play Plutarch Heavensbee. In case you’re a well-adjusted adult or are just super loyal to vampire franchises, meaning you haven’t read these silly books, the character of Plutarch plays the new Head Gamemaker who appears to be taking sides with Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) in the deadly Hunger Games. I don’t want to spoiler-alert anything for you, but the character goes on to have a very big role in the third film.

Apparently “the deal was made right before the Fourth of July holiday,” a source told E! News.

Hoffman’s name had been rumored for weeks and an official offer was made to the actor on June 11.

Lionsgate has confirmed the deal as of this morning.

Hoffman most recently appeared opposite Brad Pitt in Moneyball and just got off a Broadway stint performing in “Death of a Salesman" along with Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield.

This casting decision comes after it was announced that Jena Malone would be playing one of the teenage tributes in the flick.

This Hunger Games cast is jam-packed with talented actors. From Jennifer Lawrence, to Stanley Tucci and now Hoffman, I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys grab some Oscar nominations in the future, at the very least, an Oscar for Best Sound Mixing.