Lauren Talks About 'The Hills' Finale

December 7, 2007 By:
Lauren Talks About 'The Hills' Finale

Lauren Conrad isn't revealing much about the final episode of her hit TV show 'The Hills' but she did say that she will be making a "life-changing" decision.

“I gotta be honest, I haven’t seen the final episode yet,” Conrad told People magazine. “I know that something happens in our lives, but I don’t know what they’re showing. … Something very exciting happens in my life. I can’t tell you what, obviously, because it has to air, but it was a life-changing something.”

When asked if her decision has anything to do with her rumored flame Brody Jenner, Conrad replied, “I mean, a little bit, but mostly do to with me,” she says. “I have to make a very big decision—which I made, which I’m very happy with now.”

Conrad will apparently decide if she's going to take a job offer in Paris, which she obviously didn't take because we still see her all the time at Hollywood events.