Heidi Is A "Feminist Hero"

March 24, 2008 By:
Heidi Is A

Someone likes Heidi Montag? That's a first! Ginia Bellafante from The New York Times had to review the new season of "The Hills" and basically wrote an article saying how awesome of a person Heidi is even going as far as calling her a "feminist hero."

Ginia said: "Defying our expectations, Heidi has emerged as a kind of feminist hero this season, climbing her way to a bigger position at the event-planning company where she orchestrates Nascar parties, and refusing to acquiesce to the demands of her fiancé, Spencer, that she get herself home on time."

"Her groundswell of self-assertion begins when he insists on eloping, prompting Heidi to declare, “This isn’t, like, Spencer’s relationship and you decide what we do. The full-on joyous Oprah-fication of Heidi culminates with the show’s return and gives “The Hills” a new momentum. After taking a break from Spencer at her parents’ modest house in Crested Butte, Colo., Heidi returns to Los Angeles to kick him out and chastises him for taking her flat-screen TV with him. How proud Gloria Allred would be."

MTV definitely does make Heidi look like the devil and Lauren like the angel. Guess we will never really know what Heidi is really like, even though "The Hills" is supposed to be a reality show.