Conrad Admits Re-enactment Of Scenes

December 10, 2007 By:
Conrad Admits Re-enactment Of Scenes

Lauren Conrad finally admits that some of the scenes are re-enacted if the cameras didn’t catch the initial interaction.

Lauren spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the specific “nail polish” incident stating that she had to call Brody again because the cameras weren't there for the original conversation.

Anyone who has worked on a reality show knows how they’re filmed,” Conrad says. “I basically had to go and call [Brody] again, have the exact same conversation on camera. I mean, it’s not lying to anyone, it’s telling what really happened, but it’s just the way they film reality shows.”

Conrad doesn’t see anything wrong with re-enacting a scene. “Basically what they’re doing is taking our lives and telling a story,” she says. “They’re telling exactly what happened.”

She even admits that they had to move from the apartments that they “live” in during the show because they have become so popular.

“Whether they were drunk or just crazy, people would come and knock on our door,” she says. “It was scary for us. So we switched apartments but continued filming in front of the other one so people wouldn’t know where we lived.”

There you have it folks, The Hills are not that real, but I understand why they would shoot again. So many things probably happen when the cameras aren't around and naturally MTV wants as much drama as possible.