The Hangover Director Wants Tiger Woods for Sequel

December 18, 2009 By:
The Hangover Director Wants Tiger Woods for Sequel

While the entire world continues to put in their two cents regarding Tiger Woods’ multiple indiscretions, one man is hoping he can help rebuild the shamed golfer’s image.

Hollyscoop spoke exclusively with The Hangover director Todd Phillips in Las Vegas while promoting the DVD release, and he wants to cast Tiger Woods in the sequel!

Phillips said, "We are going to try and get Tiger Woods for the second one...Yeah help him regain his image." They say comedy is the best cure for anything, even scandals. “Mike (Tyson) loved doing the Hangover because he loved fucking with the image people had of him. He knew we were not making fun of him but of the image people projected on him.”

Although Philips may have been joking, Justin Bartha (Doug in the movie) says there is a possibility it can happen. “If Todd says it thus will happen…might happen, you never know. I’m going to talk to him about it.”

“That would be so hilarious. Sounds brilliant,” gushed actress Heather Graham But she did confess that she was surprised to hear about Tiger’s scandalous ways. “Yeah it’s so weird, he seemed so clean cut in all his pictures.”

So what is it about Las Vegas that can make even clean cut stars like Tiger Woods go wild? Phillps said, "I say this is a city where people land here and become their alter-ego. When you are at home you have to behave a certain way. When people come to Vegas they suddenly behave like the true them, or it’s that alter-ego. When you walk out and look out the window its just a million altere-gos not being themselves unless that is really who they are. I don’t know…I think it does change you."

Bartha believes it’s the people who give Las Vegas a scandalous reputation. “People just go crazy and they do it. Then there is no turning back after they do that; they lose their families, they lose their Gatorade contracts.”

Bartha told Hollyscoop he wasn't suprised to hear about Tigers mishaps in Las Vegas. "I know that was what surprised me; that they focused on him. I think it’s because he has such a great image. I mean c’mon its Vegas. The tag line for Vegas is literally “Do some crazy stuff and we will try not to tell anybody”.

Phillips is currently writing the highly-anticipated sequel to The Hangover.. "We are writing it right now, it’s not coming out for a bit. We want to shoot it over the summer."

He’d better hurry up! We can hardly wait to see it! Especially if Tiger is on board!