Mike Tyson Will Return for Hangover Sequel

October 28, 2010 By:
Mike Tyson Will Return for Hangover Sequel

While Mel Gibson is raging pissed he got fired from The Hangover sequel, Mike Tyson will be thrilled to know he's returning for part II.

Hangover director Todd Phillips confirmed to CNN that Mike will return for the sequel and the whole gang is pretty thrilled about it.

Mel Gibson "Furious" He Got Cut From The Hangover

"Yes, he will be back. But it all makes sense," Todd told Details magazine via CNN. "It sounds like a crazy hodgepodge, but it all makes sense."

When asked how he felt about Mike recently confessing he did the original Hangover for drug money Todd said, "I love that quote!"

"But I didn't really understand the logic behind it. He said he wanted to bootleg the DVD but then it became an international hit. You'd think he'd make more money bootlegging it in that case. He was like [doing a Tyson impression], "I saw it on Canal Street, and I thought, 'We's trumped!'"

This movie is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated movies for 2011, can't wait to see the final result!