Hollyscoop Rising Star: Callan McAuliffe

June 26, 2012 By:
Hollyscoop Rising Star: Callan McAuliffe

Callan McAuliffe isn’t just another up-and-coming young actor with an awesome Australian accent (sorry, Liam Hemsworth, you’ve got competition) he’s also a dead-ringer for a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

It’s that likeness that nabbed him the role of young Leo in this year’s upcoming film masterpiece, The Great Gatsby.

According to 17-year-old McAuliffe, he was “pretty stoked” to land the role of a lifetime as young Jay Gatsby.

We also learned that McAuliffe had to dye his hair blonde and put in blue contact lenses to look like Leo since he doesn't resemble him naturally but the two dudes definitely have similar mannerisms at times.

Also, since McAuliffe is playing a “young DiCaprio” he and the A-lister don’t share any scenes together, but he did get to meet with DiCaprio at the cast reading.

The young actor is now making his US acting debut. His feature debut was as the lead in Flipped and then he played Alex Pettyfer’s best friend in I Am Number Four.

Fun Fact: He auditioned for the role in Flipped while his family was taking a vacation to the United States.

Keep an eye out for Callan McAuliffe. He’s talented, foreign, and got the bone structure of a Hollywood leading man. We suggest you put him on your radar, because he’s already on ours!