'The Dictator' is On His Way!

May 7, 2012 By:
'The Dictator' is On His Way!

Sacha Baron Cohen is simultaneously every frat boy’s dream come true, and every mother’s worst nightmare.

Cohen assumes the role as Admiral General Aladeen – aka “The Dictator” – in his latest comedy installment directed by Larry Charles. And when we say assumes, we mean embodies, only making public appearances as Aladeen like the infamous Oscar red carpet mishap with Ryan Seacrest.

Judging by a restricted trailer from the maverick of oppression himself, The Dictator promises the same vulgar brand of humor that Cohen caused elementary school teachers across the country to pull their hair out over with Borat and Brüno.

The red band trailer offers an exceptional introduction to General Aladeen, from an abundantly pubed newborn to adulthood as a gun-wielding star Olympian and government ruler.

But despite his absurdity and heavily misogynistic humor, the story is quite genius.

The Dictator’s plot is hinted at in the preview, as Aladeen is welcomed into America, only to be kidnapped by a government security officer, played by John C. Reilly. As a prisoner, Aladeen’s beard is cut off, he is stripped to his underwear and released onto the mean streets of NYC.

“Is there any way you can lend me some money? Maybe 20 million dollars,” Aladeen asks a police officer.

A love interest, played by Scary Movie actress, Anna Faris, helps Aladeen get his new American life on track. She helps him off the street and into a new job at an organic grocery shop.

More humor comes as Aladeen tries to adjust. The general – now dressed in an apron and cap – slaps one patron across the face for being pushy and tosses a garbage can into the street where there’s moving traffic.

The trailer concludes with Aladeen delivering a baby on the store’s floor.

“Bad news… it’s a girl,” Aladeen says. “Where’s the trash can?”

Kids, if you haven’t realized this yet, leave the parents at home for this one. The Dictator opens everywhere May 16.