The Dark Knight Full Of Mistakes

July 29, 2008 By:
The Dark Knight Full Of Mistakes

The folks over at Movie Mistakes have comprised a list of "oops" they found in the 'The Dark Knight.' Eagle-eyed fans have spotted 16 mistakes, as opposed to 12 in the first film.

Here are some of the mistakes they found:

--In the car chase, the convoy has 2 police cars at the back, behind the
SWAT van. A garbage truck pulls up next to the convoy and takes out
the second to last cruiser first. Another police cruiser then
magically appears in front of the truck, which has to be destroyed
before the truck can get to the SWAT van.

--When Two-Face is holding a child hostage and is flipping the coin to
decide who gets to live, he flips and catches it in his left hand, but
we then see a close-up of the kid's face - Two-Face is suddenly
stroking the kid's hair with his left hand, and the coin has vanished.

-- When Harvey Dent loses his face and is lying in the hospital bed, when he's turned with the damaged side against the pillow, we can see the inside of the side of his mouth which should be damaged, but it's fully intact. Then when he turns it's suddenly burned away.

--When the Joker gets out of the flipped over truck and trips, the sign on the right reads "Sweet Home Chicago" (the movie was largely filmed in Chicago). A bit out of place in Gotham City

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