Dark Knight Sequel Put On Hold

February 12, 2009 By:
Dark Knight Sequel Put On Hold

Bad news for Batman fans. You won’t be seeing the caped crusader anytime soon. The Dark Knight director Chris Nolan has confirmed that plans for the sequel are on hold as of now. And the reason for that is because he’s busy working on another project.

Fans will have to wait at least another two years for another Batman installment while Chris works on directing the futuristic film Inception. The film is described as "a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind." Nolan will be working on the project with partner Emma Thomas, who also worked with him on The Dark Knight.

Warner Bros Pictures Group President Jeff Robinov said: "Chris Nolan is a visionary filmmaker who continually raises the bar with each movie he makes. We are thrilled to be collaborating again with him and Emma on this exciting new motion picture."

So the question is, will Chris even be directing the next Batman movie? There have been some rumors that another director might take on the responsibility. Nolan has himself expressed some reservations about the pressure to match and exceed The Dark Knight's success, especially with the tendency in film franchises for the third movie to be of lesser quality.

But for now, we’d rather wait for Chris to finish Inception than to rush another Batman movie into theaters. He did such a great job with The Dark Knight, and we wouldn’t want to see another director come in and mess with the formula.