Attorney Voices Safety Concerns For Family Of James Holmes

July 23, 2012 By:
Attorney Voices Safety Concerns For Family Of James Holmes

An attorney representing the family of Colorado suspected shooter James Holmes has issued a statement voicing safety concerns and says that the family of the alleged gunman stands by him.

San Diego's 10 News has the details of attorney Lisa Damiani’s comments as she spoke to local reporters on Monday.

The main issues that she wanted to stress were that though their "hearts go out to the victims and their families" of the Friday morning movie theater massacre, they are asking for the rest of the world to “respect” their personal privacy at this time.

"I have concern for their safety," Damiani said. "I have had experience with cases that have this much attention. Through my personal experience in dealing with these cases in the past, that's what causes me concern."

Damiani said that as of today, "we will not be discussing James and his relationship to the family," but when prompted with the question as to whether or not they stood behind him at this time, she said, "Yes they do. He's their son."

She then stated that the family is "doing as well as they can under the circumstances.” And then added, “I think everyone can imagine how they're feeling, anyone who has ever been a parent."

Damiani tried to clear up some false statements that have been circulating, that were attributed to James mother, Arlene Holmes.

Apparently, an ABC news rep caught her off-guard shortly after the attacks, and when asked if she was James mother she stated, "Yes, you have the right person," referring to herself.

She had no idea at that point whether or not her son was actually involved, and did not confirm him as the shooter.

"She (Arlene Holmes) felt it was very important for everyone to understand the sequence of events and what he said, what she said, and not misconstrue the situation," Damiani told reporters.

Damiani then also stressed the importance of the trial taking place in the courtroom, and not the media.

The family made no public statement regarding Holmes' bizarre behavior in court at today's initial hearing and there was no indication that they were present during the hearing.