Who is 'Dark Knight' Suspected Shooter James Holmes?

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Who is 'Dark Knight' Suspected Shooter James Holmes?

Tragic news struck Friday morning when media outlets across the country began reporting a shooting at the midnight showing of 'Dark Knight' in Aurora, Colorado. Suspect John Holmes, 24, has been arrested for the shooting rampage that left dozens of people injured and at least 13 dead.

The tragedy has most people wondering: Who is John Holmes and why did he do this?

According to public records obtained by Hollyscoop, John Holmes is the son of Arlene Holmes - a registered nurse - and has lived in Aurora, CO since May 2011. Prior to his move to Colorado. John lived in both Riverside and San Diego, California where it appears he was an undergraduate at the University of Riverside studying chemistry and biology.

According to the Associated Press, Holmes was a student at the University of Colorado's Medical Center in Denver studying to get his PHD but withdrew from the program last month.

University of Riverside rep confirms that James Holmes was a 2010 Spring graduate of the university and received a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience.

Prior to this college education, Holmes graduated from Westview High School in San Diego in 2006.

A San Diego police spokeswoman told TIME magazine that Holmes "had no criminal record while living in the San Diego area." In addition, a spokesman for the Aurora police department told the Today show that Holmes had no history with police other than one minor traffic ticket. Federal authorities maintain that he was not on any watch list that would indicate that he was dangerous, and the incident is not believed to be associated with any act of terrorism.

According the the Associated Press, Holmes he was carrying an assault rifle, shotgun and two pistols on him at the time of his detainment although public records show no permit for a concealed weapon.

The Denver Post reports that once taken into custody by officers, Holmes told police that he had explosives in his home - which appeared to be booy-trapped - and authorities cleared buildings in the area and searched the apartment.

Police Chief Dan Oates told The Denver Post that the explosive devices they found were “pretty sophisticated,” saying, “We could be here for days.”

His family has issued the following statement in response to the tragedy: "Our hearts go out to those who were involved in this tragedy and family and friends to those involved...we are still trying to process this information and we hope people will respect our privacy..."

At this time, it appears Holmes acted alone and no motive has been revealed.

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