Livestream: 'Dark Knight' Suspected Shooter James Holmes To Appear In Court

July 23, 2012 By:
Livestream: 'Dark Knight' Suspected Shooter James Holmes To Appear In Court

The alleged gunman of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting on Friday morning will appear in court this morning after a very somber weekend.

James Holmes will appear in court today for the gruesome shooting during a “Dark Knight Rises” midnight screening that left 12 moviegoers dead and 59 wounded. The court appearance will be streamed live on Hollyscoop at 8:30 a.m. PST courtesy of

According to CBS news, Holmes has remained quiet since being taken into custody shortly after the shooting. Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates relayed the information from inside.

“He’s not talking to us,” Oates told CBS.

The suspected shooter is currently being held at an Arapahoe County detention facility, 13 miles outside of Aurora, in solitary confinement. He will be relocated to a courtroom next door for a hearing to begin at 9:30 MDT.

Today’s appearance will serve as an “initial advisement,” where the judge will inform Holmes of the crimes that are currently being investigated.

The 24-year-old was assigned a public defender as of Friday morning.

After the hearing, prosecutors will be allotted 72 hours to regroup and formally charge Holmes. According to Eighteenth Judicial District Attorney Carol Chambers, as of Monday morning her office was considering the death penalty. A final decision will be made in consultation with the victims’ families.

Holmes’ motives, along with his history, remain practically unknown. Initially a native of Southern California, Holmes moved to the Denver suburb to pursue a medical degree at the University of Colorado. According to school officials, he was a hard-working student up until he dropped out in June.

His gun purchasing spree dates back as early as two months prior to the Aurora massacre.