Live Press Conference To Come - 'Dark Knight' Shooting Details

July 20, 2012 By:
Live Press Conference To Come -  'Dark Knight' Shooting Details

People are anxiously awaiting new details on the exact motives of the tragic happenings surrounding a shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater.

Slowly we are gaining more information about the gunman suspect named James Holmes. A press conference will take place outside of the Century 16 theater at 11:30 a.m. MT.

As we previously learned, Holmes was quickly apprehended by police. His apartment on Paris Street in Aurora is currently in the process of being searched. However, law officials have learned that his apartment is booby-trapped with a bomb device.

According to Deputy Fire Chief, Chris Henderson, the building has been evacuated and precautions are being employed in order to avoid injury of firefighters.

“So far from the cameras the booby traps looks pretty sophisticated,” he said. “No bomb squad is inside yet... We are searching the floors and halls.”

To search the apartment, a camera was attached to a device and inserted through the third-floor window of the apartment building using a lift. The camera documented the interior of the room, giving officials a better idea of what’s inside.

They found a trip line connecting a series of soda bottles, which they believe to be filled with a flammable liquid and possibly shrapnel.

Bomb technicians are standing by, but no one has entered the apartment yet. Firefighters are also on the scene, prepared to defend neighborhood should an explosion occur.

More details on procedures moving forward are expected in the press conference, which will be streamed online.