Judge Orders 34 Court Documents Released in 'Dark Knight' Shooting Case

August 13, 2012 By:
Judge Orders 34 Court Documents Released in 'Dark Knight' Shooting Case

Getting information out of the happenings of the trial against James Holmes will prove to be a difficult task.

Judge William Sylvester has denied the media’s request to loosen the gag order associated with the details of the case. Despite the tight-lipped approach, Sylvester has ordered 34 court documents to be released to the press.

According to The Denver Channel, the decision to mostly remain concealed from the public eye is an effort by Sylvester to assure Holmes a fair trial.

“[Holmes]’s case has already received substantial attention from the media," the judge ruled, adding that it is "likely to continue to generate media attention."

Sylvester also noted that the gag order came at the request of the defense team.

Before the 34 released documents are made readily available, they will need to go through a redaction process by the Court Clerk’s Office to remove any information that is not for the public to see. The documents are reported to consist of motions and responses from prosecutors, the defense, as well as the judge’s orders.

During a hearing last week, Holmes’ defense team stated that the accused shooter is mentally ill. The movement could up the possibility of getting a lighter sentence due to the defendant’s unstable mental capacity.

Holmes is accused of opening fired on a Colorado screening of the Dark Knight Rises on July 20. The massacre left 12 victims dead and another 58 wounded.

He has been 24 counts of murder and 116 counts of attempted murder. If convicted, Holmes could be sentenced to death, as Colorado is one of the 33 states that uphold the death penalty.