First Lawsuit To Be Filed in 'Dark Knight Rises' Shooting Spree

July 24, 2012 By:
First Lawsuit To Be Filed in 'Dark Knight Rises' Shooting Spree

Torrence Brown, Jr. was one of the theater goers who survived when suspected shooter James Holmes went on a mass murder spree at the Century 15 Theater in Aurora, Colorado during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises and now, he's lawyered up and plans to sue.

Not only did Torrence Brown’s friend A.J. Boik die in the tragedy, but Torrence claims to now suffer from extreme trauma. I don’t blame him.

According to TMZ, Torrence has retained Beverly Hills based attorney Donald Karpel who specializes in professional liability, class actions, personal injury and catastrophic injury cases.

Torrence and his lawyer plan to sue three defendants: The theater, Holmes’ doctors, and Warner Bros.

Torrence is suing the theater for being negligent for not guarding the emergency door as it’s believed that Holmes bought a ticket for the movie, propped open the emergency door, went to his car and returned to the theater through the emergency door with the guns. Nobody employed by the theater saw him or prevented this from happening.

Torrence is also suing Holmes’ doctors because the attorney says it “appears” that Holmes was on several medications possibly prescribed by one or more doctors. It’s unsure if this diagnosis is simply from observing Holmes bizarre behavior or if Karpel knows for a fact that he was on meds.

Lastly, they are suing Warner Bros for making The Dark Knight Rises particularly violent as Holmes mimicked some of the action from the film like throwing the tear gas. Additionally, because of the violent nature of the film, Karpel said moviegoers assumed that Holmes was doing a live-action stunt before the start of the film and didn’t initially fear him.

We’ve reached out to attorney Karpel for comment and are waiting for his response.

Torrence spoke to Entertainment Tonight and said that James Holmes, dressed in all black and wearing a gas mask, tossed a can of tear gas into the theater from the exit door. The can hit a girl in front of Torrence, but the crowd still didn't seem to be realize what was going on until Holmes opened fire. After hearing gunfire, Torrence realized that the girl in front of him was dead.