Explosives Detonated In 'Dark Knight' Suspected Shooter's Apartment

July 21, 2012 By:

A controlled detonation has been successful inside the apartment of James Holmes, the 24-year-old man arrested in the Aurora, CO movie massacre that killed 12 people and injured more than 58 early Friday morning.

According to a police spokesperson, the detonation occurred at 11:40 a.m Saturday and nearby resident were notified of the intended detonation by a reverse 911 call.

Aurora Police Sgt. Cassidy Carlson told ABC 7 in Denver that the move came a couple of hours after crews were able to defuse a trip wire, the first of several steps to clear the apartment in a methodical way.

"We have been successful in defeating the first threat, defeating the trip wire and the first incendiary device," Carlson said. "There are other devices inside. I'm not going into detail what those devices are."

Authorities stated that some materials in the apartment will be removed and disposed of in a separate controlled detonation and that crews are trying to preserve as much of the evidence as possible.

"We don't want to lose evidentiary value. We'll be cautious about how we deal with things," Carlson said.

There is no timetable on remaining detonations.

"We have no idea how long any of this is going to take," Carlson said. "We don't need to rush anything."

Police still aren't completely sure about everything they will find in the apartment but they aren't taking any chances.

"There is still unknowns," Carlson said. "We are aware of some jars that may contain accelerants."

Carlson relayed to reporters on Saturday that authorities are mindful of keeping the detonations safe and have fire crews on standby to handle any fire that erupts.